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Body Mind Emotions


You have already taken the most difficult step towards healing. You focused on yourself with honesty and respect and recognized your needs. And now, you are seeking a solution. 

These were some of the most crucial steps in your journey.

Now, You found me among dozens of great psychotherapists, and you landed on my page. It cannot be by chance, so let me show you how I can help.

My name is Alexandra Kedmenecz

I am a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Sexual Health Educator, Integrative Pelvic Health Specialist, Marriage and Couple Mediator, a certified One Brain® Kinesiologist and a Belief Clearing Practitioner. 

Hidden stress, untreated trauma, fears, long term anxiety and depression can easily cause physical illnesses. Bodily signs can be different depending on gender and age. Unwrapping those hidden factors can help women with pelvic pain, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, lack of desire, constipation or sexual difficulties.

Erection problems, sex life changes or even an overactive bladder can be physical symptoms of hidden stress for men.

Children often experience bed wetting, stomach pain, constipation or avoiding of difficulties without any medical conditions.

My speciality is to help with these psychosomatic conditions. 

I offer:

Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy for individuals

Couples and Sex Therapy for Couples

One Brain Kinesiology® for individuals

Guided Drawing in Trauma Healing – Group Sessions are available

Trauma Informed Pelvic Care in pelvis related issues – Group sessions are available

Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy for kids and youth

How can I help you?


Anxiety, Stress, Trauma
Psychosomatic Symptoms
Sexual Difficulties
Panic Attacks
Lack of Desire
Low Self-Esteem


Anxiety, Stress, Trauma
Sexual Dysfunction
Communication Difficulties
Lack of Desire
Lack of Intimacy
Sexual Infidelity


Fears, Anxiety, Trauma,
Constipation, Bedwetting
Voiding Issues, Frequent Masturbation,
Frequent stomach pain, ADHD, Behavioural Issues, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties


Anxiety, Stress, Trauma
Panic Attacks
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
Lack of Desire
Sexual Difficulties

Our body, mind, emotions and overall wellbeing are strongly connected. We cannot heal or fix any of them without treating all of them. If we treat our body, mind and emotions at the same time, healing can be faster and longer lasting.

The methods I use care for your body, mind and emotions at the same time.

Utilizing integrative therapy and combining it with a sexual health educator background provides a unique perspective on pelvic related psychosomatic symptoms. I have been interested in psychosomatic illnesses since 2005 and most of my trainings and research are related to the body-mind-emotions, hidden stress, traumas, fears and their interference. 

I deeply respect that you and your circumstances are unique. Therefore, the treatment always addresses your uniqueness and is tailored to your specific needs towards the goals you want to achieve.

Psychotherapy /
Sex Therapy

Heal Your Pelvis Differently / Trauma Informed Pelvic Care®

One Brain Kinesiology®

Play Therapy

Book a Session

If you think I am the person who can escort you in your journey, please book a session with me. Individual and Couple Psychotherapy Sessions are available online and via zoom. One Brain® Kinesiology Sessions are only available in person.

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Book a Training

I strongly believe in the healing energy of a group. Being part of a group, where everybody’s issues and worries are similar, often provides immediate relief.

Therefore, I provide several group trainings and workshops for various age groups. For example: Healthy Intimacy, Healthy Sex Life, Trauma Informed Pelvic CareTM Workshop, Empower Your PelvisTM workshop. .

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