Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy when different types of plays, games, toys and activities are being used as a form of communication. This helps kids, youth and even adults work through experiences, traumas from the past, fears, and anxiety in an attempt to overcome their distress.

For ...

KIDS 3-12

YOUTH 12-18


Benefits of play therapy:

Children simply do not have the language skills to express their feelings or fears the way adults can. They may feel something but sometimes they do not have the environment or the trusted adult they can express it to. Children learn the whole world through interactions and play, it is where they can freely act out their deepest emotions, fears, hurts and happiness.

In play therapy, toys can act as symbols and have deeper meanings.

During play therapy, kids may became more open to sharing their emotions, and less guarded. They are allowed and encouraged to do so in their own time and use their own method of playing and communication. Kids often use different play to act out their deepest fears, anger, anxiety as a smoothing as healing, problem-solve or as a simply smoothing technique.

Kids are different; therefore, the goals and structure of the play therapy will be carefully tailored to the kids’ own needs.

Play therapy may invite the parents, caregivers, or siblings into play to help with solving conflicts and build bonds, attachments, and stronger relationships.

Not only for kids ...

Play Therapy and play is not only for kids. Youth and adults can also have benefits from the different methods of Play Therapy. They can also experience difficulties in expressing their feelings, struggles or finding smoothing techniques. Play Therapy can help them get in touch with their emotions and difficulties, and relax from the everyday stress they experience.

When Play Therapy is used:

For Kids / Youth:

For adults (18+):


Individual sessions

Group sessions

Play Therapy techniques I offer:

creative visualization



toy phones

water and sand play

dolls, action figures

arts and crafts

musical play

blocks and construction toys

dance and creative movement

puppets, stuffed animals and masks