Booking infomations

If it is an online therapy session, I will send you a secure Zoom link to your e-mail address. If it is an in person meeting, I will wait for our meeting in my office.
Payment is due on the day of the therapy session. First individual therapy session is $160/70 minutes, and every other session is $145/60 minutes. The first couple therapy is $180/80 minutes and every other session is $150/60.
Late cancellation fee (later than 48 hours) is $50. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Book a Session

If you think I am the person who can escort you in your journey, please book a session with me. Individual and Couple Psychotherapy Sessions are available online or in person. In-your-home sessions are also available for an additional charge.

One Brain® Kinesiology Sessions are only available in person.

Book a Training

I strongly believe in the healing energy of a group. Being part of a group, where everybody’s issues and worries are similar, often provides immediate relief.

Therefore, I provide several group trainings and workshops for various age groups. For example: Healthy Intimacy, Healthy Sex Life, Trauma Informed Pelvic CareTM Workshop, Empower Your PelvisTM workshop. 

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Process of booking:

  1. Please fill out the application form on the event page. 
  2. You will get an automatic answer immediately.
  3. If you are booking a training or workshop, 20% advance payment is required in 3 days to keep your reservation. If you are booking a session, payment is due on the day of the session. Invoice will be sent to you.
  4. I cannot wait to see you at the session or the training/ workshop. Notice: late cancellation fee is $50.