Our body remembers.

Fears, traumas, stress, and negative experiences are trapped in our body, in the cellular memory level. If we use the correct techniques, our physical body can guide us towards the wellbeing of the body-mind-emotions. 

One Brain® Kinesiology is one of the most effective and famous complementary medicines which is appreciated by psychologists and other medical professionals. This structured muscle testing method uses gentle pressure on the arm to address historical, non-conscious triggers and stressors, to bring them to the consciousness and correct them. 

This technique was created in 1983 by two Americans, Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stokes, originally to assist in correcting the Negative Emotional Stress that causes dyslexia and all kinds of other learning disabilities. Using tools they created, such as the Behavioral Barometer ( ), Structure Function, and a unique form of muscle testing, they created the One Brain® System. Nowadays One Brain® Kinesiology is available in all countries in the world and its popularity has been growing exponentially in Canada.

The technique uses the body’s wisdom, the Behavioural Barometer, words, symbols and other tools to address and locate emotional “issues” and negative experiences in your past that block or limit you from living a successful, healthy life. By defusing them with meridian tapping, acupressure, eye movement therapy, visual imagery, body movement, brain integration exercises, and the forming of new self-talk cycles. This offers steps toward new balance and choices in behaviour and response.

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