Talk therapy tailored for your uniqueness.

Nowadays, there are close to 80 different kinds of psychotherapy, that are available for people who are seeking help in relieving emotional distress, changing negative thoughts or achieving their life goals.

Working with you, your unique situation, goals and specific circumstances will shape the therapy session I will provide. I integrate popular, effective, relatively new and older psychotherapy techniques that were developed decades ago. I combine techniques which focus on your emotions, thoughts, behaviours, strengths, changes, present or past. My practice is trauma informed, therefore my first goal is to provide a safe environment for you. Moreover, all of my sessions will focus on you as a whole, your body, mind, and emotions will all benefit equally. 

The modalities I integrate:

Issues psychotherapy can help with:

What you can expect:

Before the first session: I will ask you to fill out a consent form regarding our session and another form about your current and past medical and emotional history. 

First session: I will ask you about your goals, issues and circumstances. I will gather as much information I can about the situation and factors that impact your matters. The first session is the best opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about the approaches I use, the lengths of each sessions or how many sessions you approximately need. Sometimes it might take a few sessions to fully understand your concerns and issues, and determine which approaches would be the most beneficial for your unique situation. After a few sessions I would be able to tell you approximately how many sessions and how often you would need them to achieve your goals and satisfy your needs. 

During the sessions: I will encourage you to talk about your feelings and concerns, and it is normal if you feel hard to open up. I will provide a safe space for you and help to gain confidence. You may find yourself crying or angry because psychotherapy often involves very intense emotionals and feelings during the sessions. I will be there for you to help you with those situations. I may ask you to do  some “homework”, activities or exercises which help you to cope with your issues in your daily life and build confidence for long term. 

Confidentiality: The conversation between you and me is confidential. I may break confidentiality only if you disclose any threat about yourself or someone else. I can answer any question to you about confidentiality.

Result: The power of psychotherapy is to empower you to cope with situation, stress, anxiety and other circumstances and feel better overall. 

Sex therapy

Sex therapy is also a talk therapy which focuses on addressing an individual’s or couple’s psychological, personal, interpersonal or even medical challenges that influence their sex life. The goal of sex therapy is to improve sexual functioning. 

This also includes working with:

Sex therapy can improve overall mental and physical wellbeing as well as emotional intimacy and communication skills!

Benefits of good sex:

Improves bladder control in women

Lowers blood pressure




Lowers stress levels

Eases menstrual cramps

Reduces risk of heart disease

Book a Session

In Person/Online Individual Session:

$145-$160/ 60 minutes

In Person/Online Couple Session:

$160-$180/80 minutes