The pelvis and sexual organs are extremely unique areas of our body, not only physiologically or anatomically, but emotionally. These areas are loaded with emotions, experiences and expectations.

There are several phenomenal programs on the market worldwide which focus on the health of the pelvis. Most of them are run by physiotherapists or fitness coaches and only focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. But we are not only muscles, bones or ligaments. We are so much more.

Why the Heal Your Pelvis Differently-Trauma Informed Pelvic Care™ Trainings are different from any other available trainings on the market?

These integrative pelvic health trainings were developed to help understand and unwrap the psychological and mental factors behind the physiological symptoms of the pelvic area and the sexual organs.  

The uniqueness of the program is the pelvis-mind-emotions approach which focuses on fears, worries, stress and shame, and their connection to the pelvis and the sexual organs. Negative body-image, unpleasant pelvic related experiences, traumas, anxiety, sexual unsuccess and sexual abuse can be discovered and healed by the trainings at your own speed.

The trainings help with:



About The Trainings

All trainings are based upon evidence and use psychotherapeutic elements from CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, NLP and EFT. Moreover, belief clearing elements and pelvic floor healing and strengthening exercises are also included.

The trainings includes 3 main parts:

The benefits of the Trauma Informed Pelvic Care™ trainings are:

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I strongly believe in the healing energy of a group. Being part of a group, where everybody’s issues and worries are similar, often provides immediate relief.

Therefore, I provide several group trainings and workshops for various age groups. For example: Healthy Intimacy, Healthy Sex Life, Trauma Informed Pelvic CareTM Workshop, Empower Your PelvisTM workshop. 

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